I know there's not many that visit the site, but for those that do, we're back online with no plans of going anywhere.

There were issues with our domain registrar which meant the domain expired for a few weeks, but fortunately it has now been renewed.


So I've seen some requests for improvements on the site.

Post in here what you'd like to see change on here, and depending on how feasible the changes are, I'll do them.


Changes I have done so far after bringing the site back online:
- Implemented SSL
- Removed CKE Editor and rolled back to standard text editor. It was not compatible with SSL.
- Changed some BBCodes to be SSL Friendly.
- Removed a LOT of old redundant styles. May remove the others, leaving just the Grime Forum OG style
- Implemented ReCaptcha V2 to replace the Random Question as it's no longer secure
- Added some more menu items to the top menu bar to make accessing other forums easier
- Removed Donations from the menu. No longer needed. Any donators will still have their (pretty limited) privileges
- Upgraded Tapatalk plugin/files
- Moved it to PHP 7 from 5.6
- Removed a whole load of spam users, but there's still more dotted around various threads, please do report those and I'll action.