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    Default Classic grime vinyl collection for sale (full list inside)

    Send me a email if you interested in purchasing the hole collection or a few records, Im bassedin in south east london...

    (48 vinyls in total)

    Wiley - Eskimo
    Wiley - New era
    White label - Ends Vip
    Musical Mob - Pulse XYZ
    Wiley - Colder RMX
    After Shock - Frontline rmx/Crazy beat rmx/ Meridian walk/ cock back rmx
    Jammer - Feedback/Burnout
    Bruza - Bruzin/instrumental
    Mr Wong - Orchestra Boroughs/everyday/angry/long road
    DaVinche - Eyes on U/Last night
    Wonder - What/asia
    Demon ft Kano - Gangsta Toyz
    JME ft Ddouble E - Thugish Rugish
    DaVinche - Dirty Canvas 2 (buzz light year/the stick up/F loose/the chase
    Davinche - Bongo eyes
    DJ marsta - Gridlock 4x4/outback/flames
    Ruff Squad, Scratchy, Gods Gift - Pied Piper/ Instrumental
    Big-Ed - Frontline RMX/Gunshot
    Lethal B - FWD RIDDIM (Pow) vocals/instrumental
    Essentials - Jenny e.p
    Wiley - Jam Pie
    Unorthadox - No help or handouts
    Displisit - Sing along rmx
    Ruff Sqwad - underground/wide awake
    Musical Mob - pulse x3/ pulse y
    JME - serious e.p (White label)
    Wiley - fire Hydrant
    Ruff Sqwad - Anna/instrumental
    Bruza - Get Me/instrumental
    Flirta D - Hoe vocal/frontline V.i.p mix
    2Twisted Krew - Strike da Match e.p
    Story - x-men
    Musical mob - A pulse X
    Musical mob - Pulse Xtra
    Crazy Titch - Sing Along
    Mos Wanted - Tiger Roads
    Donae’o - Bounce vocals/instrumental (Test press)
    JME - Rice & peas/serious/production/standard/staggering/jme staggering
    Jon E cash - Merk riddim
    Dizzee rascal - dreams/Trapt (White label)
    JME - Check it e.p (Don’t chat/baraka/calm down)
    Trim - Boggie Man/ fire hydrant
    Essentials - State your name
    Wiley & Danny Weed - Shank rmx/shank riddim
    Bearman - Drink Bear e.p
    DPM - Ave some of that
    Dizzee rascal - off to work
    Danny Weed - creeper
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