PES is back. 2016 is enough to show that Fifa is laughable in my opinion. 2017 looks to be even better in a lot of ways.

e3 started today and that is usually when they start revealing what's on offer.

First announcement is that Option Files will be back (for ps4)! For anyone who doesnt know, all the kits, colours, names which arent in the game can be uploaded by downloading a file and applying it, which means all the licensing restrictions PES suffer from can be bypassed. This means that Bundesliga will be returning in some capacity if you so chose (or MLS or Turkish League etc). Huge news. ( for all your editing needs imo, having used his/his team's files this year)

Konami have promised to update weekly for online and offline modes for the next year and the roster updated (Data Pack) will be ready for day one release. They have also hired a new Online/Community manager in Asim Tanvir which is promising for those who are not really into Offline modes/play and waiting on new regarding Online/Servers.

Teaser trailer:

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

Will update this thread accordingly. Couldnt be more pleased with news so far.