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    Default Football results fixed

    With all the money now involved, and the very little predictable shit that's been swayed or swerved this season to me has me thinking that with so much money at stake surely there's corruption in it somewhere.

    Hate to think this and I am a para man but esp last couple weekends have been very dodgy in terms of the decisions and results.

    Arsenal should have walked it this year, villa get relegated because they ent put money in for a while, West hams revelation, obv Leicester story.

    I think a few managers and top football people know the English game is now corrupt because of the money and we will eventually end up like the Americans, forged sport and we'll have to wait for the Chinese super league in couple decades to get fair play football again

    Do hope I'm wrong though obv, just a stron thought my Libra physic powers have had for some time now.

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    "Are you @R Jay in disguise?"

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    Lol wtf Mayne Lay of the pepe

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    Libra psychic powers

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    lol not again
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