I did a search and could not find a dedicated thread to this.

I've have never played WOW, but the recent Hearthstone promotion (get a character to level 20 for a transmog) encouraged me to do so.

I've got to say it is an amazing environment, I have bought the warchest (5 + 30 days play) . The detail of the world is breath taking, yes it isn't the most graphically advanced (but it isn't bad).

So far I've been a solo player, currently level 42 not bothered with dungeons (raids as locked to me at the moment.)

Last part, it is proper old school, almost no tutorials, you are left to work things out, and I for one have really enjoyed it.

I'll probably return to Diablo 3 once season 6 starts but this I'm sort of disappointed my path has not crossed with WOW until now.

Anyone else play this?