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    Post Game Development

    If there's one niché in gaming these days I've found is an open world sandbox based in modern Britain. There hasn't been a decent one since The Getaway on PS2 set in the early 2000s London where you'd play through two protagonists. One being a man trying to get back his wife and kids kidnapped by cockney gangsters and another being an undercover cop on the same path being held back by Metropolitan Police corruption in the higher ranks. The two storylines merge together as it switches half way between and it pieces together the other side of the story. Was a brilliant game tbh and how they managed to recreate the city was excellent.

    I was in contact with an executive of Sony Europe a few years ago when I was in the game development industry and she had told me that Team Soho and the rest of Sony had no plans to revive the series despite how much I put across that it would boost the up and coming PS4 sales far more if there was a recreation or sequel to The Getaway.

    Which is a shame because it's an audience that these developers have always missed out on. Rockstar Games is a good example of this, despite being British and based in North England and Scotland they haven't made a GTA based in Britain since the late 90s, but I think done right it would still have as much of an impact as an American lore based game. I suppose they had never did one again is because it's so much easier to parody American culture.

    Now I'm not sure if posting this here is ideal as I'm not sure if how many technically adept people there are that browse these forums but my idea (and has been for many many years now) is to create an open world British crime video game, with how easy cross compatibility is these days between console platforms and PC it is an ideal time, along with the growing of the independent developers in the industry. Obviously the biggest cost is licensing on these platforms but I'm somewhat dedicated to make it happen and as I know that there is definitely a target audience that want this sort of game in the UK I'm willing to take risks.

    Before something like this would seem impossible without millions but if there's anything we've seen from YouTube is that if you have dedication to creative works then you can get anywhere you want to be.

    What I'm looking for is advice and anybody else who has an interest in this sort of thing, I already know of the commitments, financial costing and how large of an undertaking development is, I previously developed a game between 2007-2012 when I had a team of 30 consisting of graphical designers, animators, story writers and programmers located in the United States, Romania, Bulgaria, Belgium, Australia and all sorts of places, so I do know what it takes. I would work with this team again however they've all gone into different industries, some are working in professional design, IT, journalism and all them sorts so they're otherwise unavailable to dedicate time to a game as we did before and timezones would make it impossible.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Interesting, I did game design at uni & funnily enough there was a discussion about a GTA in London, or like Britain since Britain isn't that big

    Shouldn't be too hard to nail a story for the game cause it pretty much writes itself

    Talking about this has inspired me to re-download 3ds Max & I'll see if I can get zbrush & I might start modelling shit again
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    Notsanice bring me in I wanna be involved ...

    Been saying for the longest time there needs to be another London/uk based game like the getaway...

    And there definately is a huge market for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by notsanice View Post
    I previously developed a game between 2007-2012 when I had a team of 30 consisting of graphical designers, animators, story writers and programmers located in the United States, Romania, Bulgaria, Belgium, Australia and all sorts of places, so I do know what it takes.
    What the name of the game you made?

    I dont think there is a big audience for a Getaway kind of game on PS4/X1 right now tbh (outside of the UK/Europe anyway) GTA has that whole genre of game on lock and anyone else that tries to create a similar game just comes across as a rebore GTA (Saints Row, Mafia, Watch dogs etc etc)


    You'd have a better chance with the PC community and making it like a GTA/DayZ kind of online survival game
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    Quote Originally Posted by zurich View Post
    Notsanice bring me in I wanna be involved ....

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    have you contacted rockstar about it?

    probably not easy to contact rockstar ig.

    Also is the market for video games in Europe as big as in america? would you want it to be parody/cultural commentary esque like GTA?

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