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Thread: Protein

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItzLeif View Post
    That's what I was doing. I was on the stuff, 1 and a half servings a day, for around 2 months. I did a heavy weight lifting session one night which got my blood bumping then started a run which made the blood pump too fast (which I'd later find out.) I collapsed, went to hospital. It was found i have a heart murmur/leaky valve (which really should have been picked up when i was younger), and the blood was pumping too fast for my heart to handle and was having trouble slowing down and regulating itself due to the amount of caffeine and other ish in the powder.
    If i'd not had the powder, the pressure on the leaky valve would have been much less, and thus wouldn't have failed.
    caffeine content isn't particulary high, caffeine half life is 4 hours aswell so unless you were taking 1 and a half pre work out in one go overall daily dose would not matter. why have you only bolded the part about dose when i mentioned 'unless you had under lying problems' a heart murmur is an underlying problem you thick cunt, clowns like you are the people that get stuff banned/a bad rep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimes View Post
    i only eat three times a day (no snacks in between) with the calorie intake is about 350 per meal
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    they were in fashion when you were like 10-11. what the fuck.
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    Nice puffy gynocomastia

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    I never used any protein supplements or any protein powder, so I can't recommend any new supplement.
    I always prefer to the natural and organic protein foods, if you want to know about the natural proteins then I can tell you about it.
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