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    Question The Phantom Pain (Metal Gear Solid 5)?

    Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

    IGN and other gaming sites have pointed out quite a few things that leads us to believe that this is actually MGS5.

    These pics were taken from here:

    The crawling in the trailer looked like the crawling from MGS4 and the main character looked like Big Boss but those were the only obvious giveaways to me.

    I rate Konami and Hideo Kojima for getting the Internet crazy with the made up developing company and anagramic name. It kinda makes me look forward to this even more.
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    MGS Ground Zeros has already been announced and there were far to many references in the trailer for it not to be MGS.

    Kojima is known for mind fuck so my guess is that it is MGS. I think it's for next generation though. No PS3 and certainly no 360 can pull graphics like that out. I mean 'The Last of Us' looks like its pushing the PS3 to the max but this looks beyond IMO.

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    I love mgs trailers, they always make me feel warm and tingley

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    It's MGS to be honest, the NeoGaf thread reveals it all lol

    Would be genuinely surprised if it wasn't

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