View Full Version : Champions League playoff idea scrapped for now

24th May '11, 02:58 PM
The Premier League considered bringing in a play-off for the fourth UEFA Champions League place, their chief Richard Scudamore has confirmed.

Scudamore admitted that clubs had discussed the possibility of a play-off involving the clubs who finish fourth to seventh in the league, with the winner claiming the final spot in the Champions League.

It is reported that a number of sides were keen on the idea - but leading clubs such as Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal were against the plan.

One area of concern was thought to be the possible clash with the FA Cup final and Champions League final itself.

"We had a look at it," Premier League chief executive Scudamore told the Daily Telegraph.

"There was some interest but ultimately it was felt to stick with [the current system]."

If the Premier League did want to bring in a play-off then it would have to wait until 2013 at the earliest due to the current agreements over television rights.

Keyser Söze
24th May '11, 03:00 PM
That'll be shit

24th May '11, 03:11 PM
Shit idea.

Jack 1017
24th May '11, 03:29 PM

24th May '11, 04:20 PM
Terrible Idea.