View Full Version : Hull Complete Mendy Signing

11th July '08, 08:15 PM

News that is sure to make Webstarr happy. Hull have completed the signing of Bernard Mendy from PSG.

It's a big signing for Hull in my opinion, Mendy is talented and will contribute alot to Hull's chances of staying in the Premier League.. Adapting to the English league should come easier since he made a lot of appearances for Bolton when he was on loan there.

13th July '08, 05:15 PM
Looking to buy Ricardo rocha from spurs aswell.

And i hear on the grape vine that grade A prick colin kazim richards aswell

Nine Bar
13th July '08, 08:26 PM
Kazim richards could deffo be a premiership playa, he had a very good euro

'nuum general
13th July '08, 08:31 PM
Mendy will do well i hope, just wondering where we're gonna play him. Rocha'sa decent enough player but I think we need a pacey centre-half, a criteria which rocha doesn't fulfill. Boateng will be decent aswell. All we desperately need now is a striker who can score us 30 goals

14th July '08, 12:16 PM
What did kazim richards do at sheffield utd?
Not alot.
I do admit he had a good euros.
But hes impossible to work with.
Mark mcgee(our manager who brought him to brighton under that coca cola thing) said he has the ability, but has the worst attidude of any player he has worked with.