View Full Version : St-Pierre.vs.Shields & Couture vs Machida

Tight and Bright
1st May '11, 03:36 PM
Anyone got video links to these two fights?

will rep.

1st May '11, 04:07 PM
stream or download? spoilered the below incase you dont know the results
Id give the GSP fight a miss tbh was 5 rounds of jabs, missed overhand rights and a few spinning back kicks.

1st May '11, 04:08 PM

that has all the fights that were shown

The Don
1st May '11, 08:21 PM
you need to watch hominicks v aldo

fight of the night

1st May '11, 08:44 PM
The pre-lims were better fights bro, mmalinker, mmatko or mma-core will have links