View Full Version : Adebayor is greedy and deluded

Xtra P
29th June '08, 12:49 PM
This is jokes


29th June '08, 12:54 PM
turned on him quickly

29th June '08, 12:54 PM
says site is offline

29th June '08, 03:17 PM

29th June '08, 05:18 PM
Hes jokes.

Will Wenger get rid of him as well because of the special wage system.

29th June '08, 06:05 PM
Hes jokes.

Will Wenger get rid of him as well because of the special wage system.

He's a cunt.

'nuum general
29th June '08, 06:26 PM
he'll go if the money's right & it'll be the correct decision based on what we've seen of him so far. Although if he becomes less wasteful he will be one of the best strikers in the world no doubt

29th June '08, 06:44 PM
The article in the News Of The World today summed this all up really.

29th June '08, 11:41 PM
turned on him quickly


Pristine Condition
30th June '08, 12:44 AM
loooooooooool @ him saying,

"big clubs calling"

pisstake to arsenal, if i was a fan

30th June '08, 01:19 AM
That blog is funny but Arsenal fans on this forum seem to take it as gospel

Adebayor and his agents are stirring to try and increase his wages, fair enough, but won't work given the wage cap.

He's a good player, he is wasteful but he has scored a lot of goals for us this season and at times definitely carried the team given our lack of direct players.

The money being mentioned is very tempting; it's a great short-term profit and maybe he won't recreate this form next season.

Personally, I want him to stay cos we need him, we'll be short on strikers and he has a physical presence none of our other forwards have

^^^ to above it's not a pisstake at all. Arsenal are a big club with a decent history, but incomparable to Barca or Milan, only a twat would suggest otherwise

End of day, no player is bigger than the club, i.e the wage structure. So he'll prbably leave, which I think is a shame

30th June '08, 03:44 PM
and the death of arsenal begins

The Messiah
30th June '08, 07:14 PM
and the death of arsenal begins

I swear you were saying that last year when Henry left...

30th June '08, 07:15 PM
very true

Eric Cantona
30th June '08, 09:05 PM
Arsenal will win something next year proply, they shud sell this cunt though.

Xtra P
1st July '08, 12:51 AM
I would prefere him to stay but if he goes so be it!

His attitude is disappointing tbh!

Xtra P
1st July '08, 02:34 PM


7th July '08, 12:21 AM
Sale him if he goin on like tht. Heard he wants henry wages lol

Jammie Dodger
7th July '08, 09:34 PM
tbh, Adebayor can FUCK OFF.

9th July '08, 02:33 AM
got a bit to big for his boots...off load him, if needs be...no one is biggr than the club...and arsene knows what hes doin

9th July '08, 03:51 AM
Cant stand these players that think there bigger then the club.

15th July '08, 12:50 PM
The title just kills it. Greedy and deluded haha!

17th July '08, 02:13 PM
There isnt anything wrong with Ade's comments, but he shouldnt have made them in public

Its negotiations, if he values himself higher than the club is willing to offer, there is nothing wrong that.

Negotiations just continues till they meet each other halfway, he isnt keen on a move out of the grove unlike Helb and Flamini....he just wants more money

and Y NOT?

18th July '08, 03:46 PM
he fucked his whole career up running his togo lips about how he leaving but no1 putting a bid for him.

arsenal fans wont love him no more, players will dislike him, manager probs wont start him. he jus gonna be a bench warmer

Xtra P
24th July '08, 02:40 PM
Adebeyor is a plum, his agent has fukked up his rep & he just looks like a mug, I have lost all respect for him during this whole situation.



24th July '08, 03:08 PM
that money money yeah yeah. He is truely greedy

24th July '08, 04:42 PM
New Barca coach Pep Guardiola is thought to be less than happy with Adebayor’s astronomical 120,000-a-week salary demands, and is believed to be no longer willing to pay the Gunners the 37.5million (€47.5m) to bring him to the Camp Nou.

what the fuck, they were gonna pay that for him?

24th July '08, 04:42 PM
He greedy & bigheaded imo, comparing himself to Henry.