View Full Version : The Rap Factory vol 3

19th February '11, 11:02 PM
Just listened to this again, properly
And boy oh boy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

20th February '11, 03:48 AM
trust, it had so many bangers on it. nearly every track was good.

didnt get talked about much though imo

20th February '11, 02:32 PM
Trust, a lot of mixtapes/albums never ever reach the lime light
Its a shame

out there
20th February '11, 03:12 PM
big tape and i agree with all above posts.

Tony Starks
20th February '11, 03:28 PM
Banger Riddim & Banger Dance>>>>>


20th February '11, 03:38 PM
y.killa taz bdk n stigs - freestyle
y2 - pick it up
colours - rap factory freestyle
blade n youngs tef - we get it
morrison - range rover music


Tony Starks
20th February '11, 03:41 PM
morrison - range rover music



out there
20th February '11, 04:02 PM
even cash's duppy riddim>>>>>>>>>>>>>

20th February '11, 04:03 PM
the beats on most of the tracks are big

20th February '11, 06:15 PM
good it was. Unit 10 must be legends by now.

20th February '11, 06:55 PM
Never heard of Unit 10 at all before, till this mixtape came out
When you think about it, Peckham got the rap scene on smash! Including all the affiliates like Blade, fix e.t.c

20th February '11, 10:26 PM
"Universe dropped me on a cut, antiseptic"


22nd February '11, 09:45 PM
Im going to give this a download. Check it out innit

24th February '11, 11:25 AM
meaaaan production. still kickin myself for never DLing them first 2 of myspizzz... doubt ima come across physicals at the bodegaspot here in philly....