View Full Version : EURO 2008 ... What will happen?

Mister Lacey
21st June '08, 11:56 PM
I think Spain will win tomorrow.

But then the semis will be interesting man.
Imagine Russia vs Turkey in the final, the way Russia have been playing they could win it.

Jae Dave
22nd June '08, 02:37 AM
Russia could win it if they play like they did vs the Dutch.

22nd June '08, 02:51 AM

its like me saying

Amir Khan could win the way hes been boxing.

playing well till now means fuck all, holland got shown that by russia, russia culd do the same in their next match.

euro 2008 for classic games >>>>> other recent tourniesq

22nd June '08, 06:54 PM
I was suprised Holland got knocked out though, they were quality in the group stage

I'm still backing Spain to win though