View Full Version : Video: Hardpalm Dun Feat. Kelsy - Gotta Blow

Billionaire Playboy
7th January '11, 05:36 AM

Our second video, what you all think about track and video quality?

Please help spread this and support the movement. A twitter update and a Facebook status will be appreciated.

7th January '11, 10:25 AM

7th January '11, 05:27 PM
Feedback ?

this is the more official video type channel , The one for hood videos , freestyles is under works and got some videos being recorded

critic of musical arts
7th January '11, 05:57 PM
This is looking extremely proffesional

Hard palm >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Nicky Santoro
7th January '11, 06:15 PM
This is looking extremely proffesional

Hard palm >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


this is frontline hes guna be that guy for vids soon

thanks for feedback

and yeh hardpalm is very talented

7th January '11, 09:02 PM
this is big, big vid production aswell no doubt >>

7th January '11, 09:24 PM
Few more videos to come soon are

Meeks , Malik , GT , Romo , Piffawana - Birmingham City
Timbar , Notes & Johnny Guns - Meet Me By Yard 2

may as well let you man know , seems as versa been tweeting it