View Full Version : 2morrow Van Basten Vs. Hiddink

20th June '08, 10:42 AM
Who will win this match and why? Russia is a tough and have Hiddink as their trainer so yeah this is a hard match for us (dutch team)

20th June '08, 10:59 AM
Im backing the Dutch as I have from early. Also they have been playing well. But I do have alot of respect for Hiddink and hope they do welll.

20th June '08, 11:05 AM
holland is just too much on dis tournament (doesnt mean dere gonna win doe)

i hope russia somehow manages to keep up, could be most interesting match so far

20th June '08, 01:49 PM
yh this will be a hard match but i hope we will win since our swag team won from romania i got good hope

20th June '08, 01:51 PM
This forum really needs a Sports section were we can create sports related thread.... Oh wait:D

Netherlands to win, but I think Russia will give them a run for there money

20th June '08, 01:56 PM
im gonna say holland 1 nil.
i dont think russia have enough class. they do seem solid though and if they do win it will be because they got enough men behind the ball to frustrate the dutch nicked a goal. 50-50 really.
holland will win if they are patient though

20th June '08, 02:26 PM
lol i forgot that there is a sports section plz move this :D

Jammie Dodger
20th June '08, 02:48 PM
Holland to win.
Van Persie back on form.

20th June '08, 03:32 PM

Jae Dave
20th June '08, 03:38 PM
Netherlands will win but i think Russia will try them!