View Full Version : Video: FEM FEL ft BLADE Put it in a bag

5th January '11, 08:20 PM

big track

out there
6th January '11, 08:41 PM
jeez tunes alot

like this , blade done alot at the end , clocked bare faces in this vid

6th January '11, 09:39 PM
yeah this tune is BIG, i dont even like fem fels music that much but this tune is fucked >>>

put it in a bag

6th January '11, 09:41 PM
Nice still.. they say "put it in a bag" a lil too much at one point i weren't sure if it was the chorus or not but this is a good look. Real wavey.

Billionaire Playboy
8th January '11, 02:31 AM

Tony Starks
8th January '11, 02:46 AM

Viva Da Silva
8th January '11, 02:55 AM
Big big big

8th January '11, 02:54 PM
Fem fel is a bit hit and miss.
some tracks he sounds comfortable and fucks them up, other times his pronounction is akward.

9th January '11, 07:42 PM
Fem Felon goin in