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4th January '11, 08:50 PM
I used to think he weren't that good, for some reason his flow/voice used to put me off a lot. But then I listened to Bags And Boxes.. It went in! Top 5 rap mixtapes/albums in 2010.

Tony Starks
4th January '11, 09:28 PM

Jimmy Conway
4th January '11, 09:31 PM
Co-sign. Loved it.

4th January '11, 09:38 PM
someone should make a "top 5 mixtapes of 2010" ....

4th January '11, 10:41 PM
But when i think about it, top 5 would be slyly hard to make, well for me.

Youngs Teflon - Over The Head
Fix Dot'm - Petrellis Diaries
Blade Brown - Bags & Boxes
K Koke - Pure Koke
Joe Black - King Of The Underground
Giggs - Let Em Ave it
Gunna Dee - Hustler By Nature
Joe Black & Page - The Black Page
Outta them

Also Fully Wooly, has some tunes that not really feeling. But is slightly growing on me, the ones where the chick vocals

Tony Starks
4th January '11, 10:49 PM
King Of The Underground was early 09
Black page was late 09

My Top 5 mixtapes
Hustler By Nature
Bags & Boxes
Pure Koke
Money Talks
Over The Head

4th January '11, 10:50 PM
Ahh i was wondering
Whos Money Talks by?

4th January '11, 10:57 PM
Over The Head
Hustler By Nature
Petrelli Diaries
Advanced Music OR Tsunami
Pure Koke

For me.

4th January '11, 11:01 PM
How does advanced music sound like?

4th January '11, 11:11 PM
cash kills the stop track

5th January '11, 12:21 AM
wait, guys are sayin Pure Koke but that came out in 09 aswell...just sayin, seein as theres been a few corrections to peoples list on top 5 mixtapes of the YEAR.(2010)

Tony Starks
5th January '11, 03:15 AM
Shit i still aint got advanced music. Had to fall back from youngsta for a bit

5th January '11, 12:10 PM
insomniac flow, goes well with what he talks about.

5th January '11, 12:32 PM
blade brown is hard

6th January '11, 08:31 PM
Carns - O.T
Fix dot m - Petrelli Diaries
Trips - Threat To The Game
Colours - Battle of the Soul
Young Tef - Over The Head


6th January '11, 09:09 PM
How the fuck did this get off-topic lol. I made a Best mixtapes of 2010 thread if anyone wants to use dah



6th January '11, 09:17 PM
Who got a link for Advanced Music??

6th January '11, 09:31 PM
cash kills the stop track


The first four bars>>>>>>>>>>>>

6th January '11, 09:43 PM
Joe Black & Squeeks both on Blade's new CD , tweeted they did a feature ealier