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Billionaire Playboy
2nd January '11, 07:26 AM

OMZ, the Peckham Rapper quickly making his mark on the UK Rap game is cementing his position amongst the elite by releasing, 'Dukes Of Hazard' in conjunction with sublime UK rapper Youngs Teflon which u can download for free here.


01. Fuck A Fling(ft Youngs Teflon Produced by CARNS) - Omz Trapstar
02. G6 (Produced by Carns)- Youngs Teflon
03. From The Blocks (Produced by Storms)- Omz Trapstar
04. Green Lights (Produced by Cease) - Omz Trapstar, Embezzlement, Krept, Komoshen, Loops n Youngs Teflon
05. Hard In The Trap (Produced by Trap Beats)- Omz Trapstar
06. Get At Me(ft Blade Brown Produced by Carns) - Youngs Teflon
07. Trapstar (ft Krept Produced by JDOT)- Omz Trapstar
08. Jump (Produced by Carns) - Youngs Teflon
09. Dukes Of Hazzard (Produced by Omz) - Omz Trapstar n Youngs Teflon
10. Rockstar (Produced by Dan Dare)- Omz Trapstar
12. Heartbeat (Produced by Loco) - Youngs Teflon


2nd January '11, 10:17 PM
EP is big

2nd January '11, 10:21 PM
UK Rap work rate >>>

Eric Cantona
2nd January '11, 10:25 PM
Youngs Teflon has a better work rate then most right now

2nd January '11, 10:27 PM
Tef's work rate >>>>>>>>>>>>

Mixtape 'aint great but i still rate it cause it didn't seem like throw away tracks; yet wasn't up to par with what they could've done.
Omz is decent though i didn't use to rate him.