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28th December '10, 02:07 AM
So what happened to the Rap & Grime CD's that Skitz mentioned he had recorded, we actually ever going to see these

28th December '10, 02:11 AM
no cos it will never be the "right time"

apparently they're doing promo & another video for the next single but really no promo is needed, the demand is there smh.

28th December '10, 02:12 AM
still waiting this was ment to come out a couple months after he passed and nearly 2 years later still nothing

rip esco

Eric Cantona
28th December '10, 02:13 AM
An interview from October he said..

What’s happening next year then you’ve got you’re album Concrete Orchestra coming out?

Yeah Concrete Orchestra the producer led album is coming out, then Esco’s CD Bars for Bricks, RIP and I’m just going to keep keeping on really with the other stuff, Tempa T is coming out.

So there is still hope

28th December '10, 02:20 AM
skitz is bare defensive when you ask him

Boris Bowser
28th December '10, 02:21 AM
last he said it was delayed cos Chris Charalambous hadn't done the artwork

28th December '10, 02:22 AM
Hopefully we may see them early 2011

Which one is the rap CD and which one is the grime CD ?

28th December '10, 02:24 AM
I swear its called Bars TO bricks not for bricks