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18th June '08, 03:30 PM
Team news for the Group D game at the Stadion Tivoli Neu in Innsbruck.

Read the whole story at the BBC website. (http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/rss/-/sport1/hi/football/euro_2008/7363486.stm)

18th June '08, 03:35 PM
Russia captain Sergei Semak, defender Yuri Zhirkov and midfielder Diniyar Bilyaletdinov should be OK after taking part in light training on Monday.
Playmaker Andrei Arshavin is available after serving a two-match suspension that has sidelined him at Euro 2008.
Russia coach Guus Hiddink has hinted he may use Arshavin Arshavina as a substitute as he is short of fitness. Sweden's main worry is striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who is still struggling with a swollen left knee.

18th June '08, 08:52 PM
sick second goal

RIP Jakey
18th June '08, 08:52 PM
Sweden have been disapointing they don't deserve to go through

18th June '08, 08:55 PM
Will they do a Turkey?

RIP Jakey
18th June '08, 08:56 PM
I'd be suprised tbh, but if some of their players step up theres a possibility

Quality Control
18th June '08, 08:57 PM
Russia will grab another 1 or 2

Mister Lacey
18th June '08, 11:23 PM
Russia played well they seem so together, I obviously expect Holland to smack them though but Russia might grab a goal or 2.
I'll go with 4-2 to the Dutch.

19th June '08, 12:52 AM
I wouldn't be too suprised if Russia beat Holland. Theyre under rated.