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22nd September '10, 04:21 PM
Arsene Wenger plans to call time on his career as Arsenal manager at the end of his current contract.

The respected Frenchman recently put pen to paper on a new deal which will see him stay at the helm of the Gunners until 2014.

Having joined the North London club in September 1996, Wenger has overseen an integral period in Arsenal's history, including their unbeaten Premier League season of 2003/04, his own brand of breathtaking football and the move to Emirates Stadium.

His skill at producing teams who play with such style has earned respect for many years, with Real Madrid confirmed admirers in the past, but the 61-year-old has never been tempted to turn his back on the Gunners.

And while admitting that it is difficult to look too far ahead in the modern game, Wenger has revealed a desire to work with emerging talents away from the spotlight in the coming years.


He told L'Equipe: "I will coach for as long as I am healthy enough. I could finish coaching young players, but not necessarily at professional level.

"I am planning to remain with Arsenal until the end of my new contract, but at my age I am forced to consider the short term.

"If I am still here it will not be because of a lack of offers from clubs overseas, but because I really appreciate what I have been given here. I am fortunate to work with complete freedom.

"In France, there is the club who are close to my heart, Strasbourg. There, there is a club with huge undeveloped potential, PSG.

"Am I tempted by Paris' challenge? I don't know. So far, not at all. At the moment, PSG does not have the means which matches the size of the city."

(from Sky Sports.com)

Did hear rumours that he'd leave after signing his new contract, still hope he doesn't though.

22nd September '10, 04:23 PM
if we dont win anything this year, or next year he should go tbh

22nd September '10, 06:06 PM
Retarded thread, where did he say he will leave?

lol smh

22nd September '10, 06:12 PM
yeah knew this already, hes gonna retire after his contract expires

pep guardiola's gonna replace him btw
(well thats what arsenal have been saying, pep's the only one that can replace him, n he aint ever gonna match what he done his first season at barca anyway, with jose there as well, so .... )

22nd September '10, 06:27 PM
i don't think he will (depending on what he's won between now and then) but if he does then he will be apart of the plans to bring in the next one, those plans are probably already underway.

25th September '10, 02:16 AM
Retarded thread, where did he say he will leave?

lol smh

I am planning to remain with Arsenal until the end of my new contract

u fuckin retard

He may obv stay on longer plans could change, but as he said he is getting on and still has a couple things he wants to do with clubs close to him