View Full Version : Anyone here do any form of martial arts??

19th September '10, 07:26 PM
What type do you do??

How long you been doing it??

How hard is it to get into??

I thinking of doing mixed martial arts (MMA) next year, anybody who does it come through with some advice, etc.. :-D

19th September '10, 07:36 PM
I do kickboxing init

i chose that coz im tall and i can utilise my legs

its easy to do if you apply ypurself to it properly

and ive been doing it 4 months and im doing spinning/jumping/flying kciks. all sorts

good for enduance and stamina aswell and tekkers in a fight

Hickory Dickory
19th September '10, 07:39 PM
I want to do a martial art but I dont know which one.

19th September '10, 07:46 PM
you should take up jiu jitsu, if you're thinking of getting into mma.

19th September '10, 08:01 PM
Did MMA for little under 12 months. Find out about the school you want to use, see what they incorporate into their classes. Ask them for a free/no sign up trial in a beginners class and see if its for you. If you do go then make sure you have a gum shield and a box, even if only very cheap ones, you can always buy better ones at a later date.

critic of musical arts
19th September '10, 08:08 PM
I used to Do Karate (Shotokan). 1 belt away from Black when i gave it up. Won quite a few competitions for fighting (kumite) and kata

Then i did Tang Soo Do (very similar to Taekwondo for a couple years. Won a few comps for Weapons (Nunchaku, Bo staff), Kumite and Kata. Really enjoyed but had to give cos life was a next ting back then.

Also tried a bit of Kung Fu (praying mantis) but it was really expensive and i was the only kid in the class. When your smashing your shins and forearms with full grown men it's not the one :dead:

Used to train a bit of boxing as my dad was a coach but i was so used to doing karate i just couldn't get round not kicking and i used to pull my other hand back when throwing punches out of instinct :laugh::laugh::laugh:

RIP Jakey
19th September '10, 08:18 PM
No but I'd like to try jiu jitsu or some kind of submission grapping. Not to compete just because I think it'd be an interesting thing to know how to do.

19th September '10, 08:23 PM
I used to do Karate and I almost got a black belt but I just stopped. Did some kickboxing but wasn't fully commited to it. I've tried some Taekwondo aswell and it's fucking intense especially the training I endured.
However in the future I deffo wanna try jiu jitsu.

19th September '10, 11:02 PM
My sisters boyfriend does MMA. He does a mixture of martial arts including jiu jitsu, muay thai kickboxing and wrestling (i think that's all?).

he's had 3 proper fights so far (illegal though), won all of them and made some money of it.

u get a reputation really fast and people wanna see u fight after that lol.

i might go training with him soon still

Keyser Söze
19th September '10, 11:16 PM
Did Tang Soo Do when i was younger, gave it up for football tho.

Unknown Poster
19th September '10, 11:18 PM

19th September '10, 11:31 PM
I used to do kickboxing when I was in school, but stopped to put GCSE revision as my priority and never really went back. Wish I stayed with it now.

Unknown Poster
19th September '10, 11:32 PM
I used to do kickboxing when I was in school, but stopped because I kept getting beaten up anyway.


19th September '10, 11:34 PM
Away with you, peasant.

Unknown Poster
19th September '10, 11:36 PM
Away with you, peasant.

don't get big now you're behind a screen, bitch.

20th September '10, 10:25 AM
Saw Royce Gracie in a magazine and watched UFC 3 and was on it and i tried getting to a BJJ class and ended up doing JKD in Hoxton.

Then i moved on to doing MMA at Sobbell's (sp?!) and Kilburn and complimented that with Boxing.

Carried on doing MMA with extra classes in boxing and muay thai.

I said to myself at the start of this year i was going to start competing again, ideally amateur boxing and a submission wrestling comp but that hasn't materialised. I really do hope i can get back on it.

if you want to do something, i'd recommend boxing

20th September '10, 10:52 AM
Joining Roger Gracie's BJJ gym soon