View Full Version : Lool Henry >>>

Foggy Man
17th September '10, 05:19 PM
Was watchin MLS last night and saw this lmao
Basically New York scored, Henry decided to boot the ball away as celebration, the keeper stuck his foot slightly infront of it and when Henry booted it it duppied his knee ligaments LOL
(This was in stoppage time of first half) Keeper went off at half time and match ended 2-2


17th September '10, 05:24 PM
hahahahah badman
"simple way of gettin a player injured"

Foggy Man
17th September '10, 05:32 PM
Oh and Henry had already been booked at that point, got away with it nicely lmao

17th September '10, 05:39 PM

gets away with everything lol

17th September '10, 11:29 PM
lol fucking hell theirry

Mr. Jefferies
20th September '10, 07:18 AM
Henry >>>

27th October '10, 12:23 AM

gets away with everything lol

Nxt Lvl
27th October '10, 02:38 AM
this is why id never pay to go to a mls game.

Pristine Condition
27th October '10, 07:20 AM
Like .... erm ..... why'd you do that?

27th October '10, 11:02 AM
Henry! Wish he played for us for one more time