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30th August '10, 06:08 PM
And Xavi added: “The season before last Liverpool sold Xabi Alonso to Real Madrid – and now this season they have sold Mascherano.

“Being brutally honest they haven’t brought any top-class players in to replace the ones they have sold.
“They haven’t tried to improve the squad.

“Nando deserves to be playing with the best players like he does with Spain.
“If Liverpool have another disappointing season that will be it for him.”

If the striker were to leave, Xavi has no doubts about where he would choose to move to.

He added: “Our coach Pep Guardiola is a big admirer of Nando.

“If he wanted to leave next summer, I would imagine Barcelona to be very much in the running.

“It would cost a lot to bring both Cesc and Nando to the club – but it would be worth it and, in my opinion, make us virtually unstoppable.”

As for lining up alongside new Argie signing Mascherano this season, Xavi feels Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson had no option other than to sell.

Xavi has played for Barcelona his entire career – with over 500 appearances – as well as 95 Spain caps.

He has five La Liga titles and two Champions Leagues to his name and added: “It was public knowledge we had made a bid for Mascherano.
“It just came down to Barcelona and Liverpool agreeing terms.

“Liverpool were in the weak position because their player didn’t want to play for the club.

“The player’s family was unhappy in England. There was no point trying to keep him.”

30th August '10, 06:19 PM
They can get the fuck

Funnily enough though the only team i could see Torres leaving us for would be Barca, or possibly Atletico towards the end of his career.

I don't get why Barca would really need Torres that much anyway. The formation they play has Messi down the right and Pedro down the left, who had a good world cup and then of course Villa in the centre.

30th August '10, 10:52 PM
yeah posted this in that other thread you created but yeah xavi is a total utter Grade A* twat, he really needs to shut his mouth, he's looking real feminine right now.

Barca haven't even got the money to buy them players anyway.

30th August '10, 10:53 PM
Torres has said he wants to go back to Spain after about 5 years in England.

Hickory Dickory
30th August '10, 10:54 PM
Lol at Barca thinking they can buy whoever they want.:laugh::laugh:

Unknown Poster
30th August '10, 10:56 PM

But yeah he needs to shut up.

30th August '10, 11:02 PM
I hate fucking barca and i'm a united fan. Hope Mourinho shows the cunts

31st August '10, 09:21 PM
agree with you Hij. i hate da cunts too