View Full Version : Free Audio Download: Jaja Soze - Illegal Download??

26th July '10, 10:25 PM
Its 26th now, it was meant to come out on the 25th, yesterday

is it out yet?? anyone got it??

it was meant to be a free download and its being released on digital download/CD in August

just tried to go on PDC website and its down too..

28th July '10, 03:31 PM

28th July '10, 05:49 PM
read this on his twitter the other day:

Fuckin suspect dat on the release date for illegal download our website goes down and iTunes loses my data and my Prs account is down

31st July '10, 10:59 PM
Out now on iTunes, about to buy

31st July '10, 11:11 PM
this is big, new flow goes well with the beats he used..

B Dubble is on one track too >>>

1st August '10, 01:51 PM
listend to previews on iTunes expected better...from what i heard i prefer I Love Music...

2nd August '10, 10:31 PM
Had Track 2 and 7 on repeat for most of today

this is deffo worth getting