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21st July '10, 11:56 AM
In the sports room we normally talk about professional but I wanna do real life. What's the best goal you ever scored?

21st July '10, 12:06 PM
Scored a own goall was in a bad mood we kicked off ball went out of play for our goal kick our keeper couldnt kick a ball to save his life i hammered it and scored from goal kick i didnt pay attention thought one of our strikers scored they was like naa was off your goal kick bounced infront of the keeper he fumbled it and it went in

RIP Jakey
21st July '10, 12:08 PM
I hit one in our goals 7-a-side league that went like rocket into the top corner a while ago that was probably one of my best. This defender had been kicking lumps out of me all game I got the ball with my back to him facing the fence turned him and shot as I was spinning and bang top corner.

Gotta be in a competitive match, hitting it from 50 yards when you’re playing Wembley don’t count.

21st July '10, 12:15 PM
Never scored throughout my youth, always played at either centre half or at right back. Switched to playing on the wing last year and scored my first goal on my full debut against wolves supporters club (perfect to get it against the dingles). Run in from the right wing, should have pulled it back for someone really but took it on the outside of my foot and bent it into the far corner.

From fuck around games I once went training with an all asian team (for the lulz). Pinged one off from 40 yards into the top corner. To have done it in a proper match would have been epic, but was only a training match. Never went and played for them again as they were shite.

21st July '10, 12:21 PM
Great stories, hope we get more.

21st July '10, 12:23 PM
I've played Centre Half and occasionally left back for my 5 seasons of football and have never scored. The closest I've got is when I skimmed the crossbar with a header from a freekick :(

In training it was probably a Rabona penalty that went into the top left corner.

21st July '10, 12:30 PM
used to love 7 a side football when i was younger i was hyper active so i used to play defence but then we just played 2 at the back and i roamed the field just buzzing about the whole game used to get loads of goals was a strong player back then got scouted for Crystal Palace at a tournament scrapped that then gave up football bad times.

Tony Starks
21st July '10, 01:31 PM
My debut for my uni against St Georges. I hit a hatrick in a 5-2 win. I skinned their centre back for pace ALL DAY.

The final goal I played a one two with the midfielder and he flicked it over the top and from the corner edge of the box I volleyed it to the opposite angle of the goal and flew in off the post>>>

Keeper just stood still on the spot and the ball seemed to fly for about 10seconds and everywhere went quiet till it pinged in off the inside of the post.


21st July '10, 01:37 PM
I used to play on the blocks all day every day, in the park to, whenever I got the chance.

Got chosen parents player of the year a few years back too for my team cos it was my mums birthday and I promised her a goal, and I got the winning goal against eaton manor - 4-3.

Everyone on the blocks used to call me Turkish Thierry ever since I got my first pair of mecurial vapors in astro (srs).

21st July '10, 01:39 PM
Chipped the goalie from the half way line (11 a side) that's my percy they tried playing offside trap and it didn't work and I just cut across the ball and over the keepers head it went.

Also in training I scored a Roberto Carlos free kick with 3/4 players in the wall from about 25yrds out, obviously didn't bend as much but went to left of the wall and went in off the bottom left (my left)

Another favourite is when I shrugged off 2 pretty strong/athletic defenders from just outside opponents side of semi circle took it round the goalie and slotted it in, was made better cos the pitch was really bad the ball was barely moving it was so muddy

21st July '10, 02:09 PM
under 15s or 16s

cleared the ball from midfield area in my half and lobbed the keeper, accident, but it was still a good goal.

I'm a defender, I didnt score many.

Genetically Genuine
21st July '10, 02:40 PM
In training and that beat offside trap and lobbed the keeper from 20 yards out as he was coming out.

Scored a couple 25-30 yarders in training as well, them ones where the ball stays still whilst flying in the air>>>>>>>>>>>

21st July '10, 03:37 PM
Saturday league, my boy was playing in goal and he smashed a drop kick right over the heads of the defenders, I was bare fast back then so I outrun them all and was through one on one, my other mate (proper cocky prick) was in goal and I calmly lifted it over his head into the back of the net.

21st July '10, 03:49 PM
From 50 yards I done tings.

21st July '10, 04:11 PM
Scored from halfway once, was played the ball but it was bouncing, had two defenders in front and my strike partner to my left but just hit it on the half volley when I saw the goalie off his line, the striker was like "what the fuck why didn't you......." shhhhhhhhhh as it went in off the bar. Scored another similar to Pele's against Sweden in 58, for those who know what that goal was like

21st July '10, 04:25 PM
year 6....playing on one of them 25m concrete pitches that schools always paint on the playground....ball drops out of the sky just inside our half...3/4 coming to close it down....on the volley...top corner boom bam.

another one....only about 2 years ago...opposition keeper clears ball out but only about 30 yards from goal...i take one touch which happens to prop it back up in the air about chest height (accidentally amazing touch lol)...it drops back down and i volley it....dips over the keeper...wild celebrations follow. much like di canio against chelsea.

iv scored a few beauties in my time.

21st July '10, 05:36 PM
Was thrown on as a sub at 1-1. Ball swang over from the side into the middle and I was outside the box, headed it back at the goal and lobbed the keeper and it hit the bar on the way in!

21st July '10, 05:45 PM
For my school, Homerton House v Mcantee (think thats how you spell it)
Wasnt a quality goal but I was only 4ft something back then and the game was a bit violent, managed to out-climb a much taller defender to get in a quality header that flew past the keeper, only goal ive ever scored with my head...if im honest it was more luck then skill but was still a great finish

21st July '10, 05:57 PM
You used to go homerton? lol i went there too...

21st July '10, 06:08 PM
For my school, Homerton House v Mcantee (think thats how you spell it)
Wasnt a quality goal but I was only 4ft something back then and the game was a bit violent, managed to out-climb a much taller defender to get in a quality header that flew past the keeper, only goal ive ever scored with my head...if im honest it was more luck then skill but was still a great finish

My header was luck as well, but it looked awesome.

The Messiah
21st July '10, 06:49 PM
My header was luck as well, but it looked awesome.

Same as mine. I was playing a game with some guys from school and some randoms on a 7-a-side football pitch. We'd been playing for about 2 hours and we were all tired and the other side had been battered. Anyway, the ball looped up into the air from a deflection of a cross, I was halfway between the D and halfway line and wasn't being closed down so I let it bounce and went for the over head kick.

I never saw the goal, just the ball in the back of the net. Everyone said it went straight into the top corner.

Couldn't do it again if I tried 1000 times.

21st July '10, 07:04 PM
Mine happened in my school cage. It was lunch time and the cage was packed with players. The keeper kicked it out and it reached me on the other end of the cage. I chested it and volleyed the ball, scoring past our year's number one. Ball swerved and everything. You know you scored a sick goal when random guys come up to you and say it was a good goal.

21st July '10, 07:31 PM
One of my favourite's was when I scored my first (and only) hatrick a few months ago. For the third goal I had my back to goal when someone chipped it to me in the area, I controlled it with a defender behind me, chipped it over his head and turned past him, then took another touch past the next defender then finished it. My dad was watching as well, and it was the only game he came to all season.

Shame we lost 11-3

21st July '10, 07:35 PM
Probably during some 7-8 a side game on a smallish pitch - all of us were back, bouncing ball came to me just outside the box.

Knocked it over someone's head as they came in to challenge, got chased as I ran upfield but managed to shrug them off, put the ball to one side of the last man and ran around him the other side but ended up basically in the left-hand corner of the pitch.

No-one was up in support so just had to shoot from far and against a tight angle but scored.

Was kinda a toe-poke lol, only to keep the ball down and with a strong enough hit. Was a nutmeg as well, terrible keeping gifted me it tbh but I didn't really give two shits.

Poynder's Park

21st July '10, 07:37 PM
went by 4 m8s and ran the whole length of the pitch and scored. was epic.

aint played footy since school days

Mr. Jefferies
21st July '10, 09:52 PM
Best one I've ever scored was my first one for my third team I played for. We had a throw in and I was unmarked on the edge of the box, about 20 yards from goal. I was screaming for my team-mate to throw the ball to me so I could have a clear shot on goal, he threw it, it rolled along the grass and I just struck across the ball, Paul Scholes-esque and walloped it into the top corner. It smashed in off the crossbar. I've still got the newsletter they used to do every week where they reported on my goal; ''The Lions have had to wait four games for their first league goal but what a goal it was! The Lions number 11 drove the ball home from just outside the box and it is a wonder he did not break the crossbar as the ball struck it on it's way into the net''. :pinkface:

21st July '10, 10:06 PM
broke from defence ghosted 3 players and poked it in the corner

21st July '10, 10:42 PM
Real talk ive scored some ridiculous goals in my time. Ill try the write ups on me and post them.

2 that come to mind are:

When we played second (we were top), the ball came to me on the corner of the box, facing away from goal with a defender tight to me, flicked it over his head, spun him, outpaced him and drilled it across goal bottom corner.


Against one of the other top team, 35 yards out half volley top corner.

Will probably contribute more.

21st July '10, 11:49 PM
been gettin them 30yard screamers in ABUNDANCE

*true say playing full back its the only way im ever scoring not being able to head, let alone dribble, for shit*

The Don
22nd July '10, 12:10 AM
first goal for the school team, year 7

bredrin squares it to me 20 yards out just inside of the left wing

flick it up with my right left foot (which i couldn't use for shit) volley top corner woy lol

8th August '10, 08:34 PM
About 35 yard's out at School on field, My P.E teacher tought me to try a shot whenever I felt confident that I could score, So I did, Hit it, Bounced off post and in, Keeper was'nt stopping it.


Recieved the ball just on the half way line, Dribbled it, With skill, Past about 5 player's, Keeper come out and I just chipped him, It don't sound very good but It was sickk if you saw it.

8th August '10, 08:49 PM
5-a-side football, playing as the defender but made a great forward run (i'm good at those) ball was played through perfectly and curled it round the keeper ala DB10 or TH14.

playing 2 touch with my friend and with my weaker foot (left) on the volley leathered it into the top corner ala rodriguez in the world cup 2006


8th August '10, 09:40 PM
fluke str8 from a corner kick, tried it bare times after that never happened again. lol

btw am I thw only one who hates 5-a-side, when I was in my early teens it was great but has I grew older it just started to piss me off.

anyone here know about monkey post? lol

9th August '10, 10:03 AM
scored a yeboah in my school inter-form football in year 9. came on upfront as a sub ad won the cup for my form.

controlled it on my thigh, flicked it on the right foot then volleyed it into the top corner with my left. even when i left school ater a levels, the sports teachers were going on like i'd scored the best goal they'd ever seen.

used to also score quite a lot of peter crouch style scissor volleys when i was about 15 playing park foorball.

i play at the back now in my 5 a sdie team so dont score many, but have somehow managed to get a couple of bangers from long range in the last few weeks.

9th August '10, 11:28 AM
received the ball from a throw in on the corner of their area, trapped on my chest, then my thigh and sort of turned it over me and the defender's shoulder, I was already turning and it laid up sweetly for me to spin and volley just under the cross bar from a Van Basten-esque angle.

worst goal was on the 6 yard line, ball came in from a corner, I tried to volley it, completely missed, but it went in off my standing foot, didn't even celebrate, was embarrassing

El Asesino
9th August '10, 11:49 AM
Last year, we was playing against the best team in Dorset & Bournemouth on our home pitch, and we only had 8 players in an 11-a-side game. Most of them were shit as well, and for the first 5 minutes I purposely made the game fiery to give us more of a chance of not getting battered, nearly got in a few fights.

I picked the ball up on the edge of our penalty box skinned about 4 players, knocked it out of my feet and banged it from just inside our half, and it flew in top corner. Must be the hardest I've ever worked we held it up for the first half and a bit in the second, and went on to lose 6-1. Still, done myself proud that game.

RIP Jakey
9th August '10, 12:20 PM
i play at the back now in my 5 a sdie team so dont score many, but have somehow managed to get a couple of bangers from long range in the last few weeks.

I got a few of them playing in a 5-a-side league last year, them ones where it rolls out to the half way line so you just hit it.

9th August '10, 01:06 PM
You used to go homerton? lol i went there too...

Yeah lol, its closed now innit..heard Mr Bhogal and Miss Carey defrauded it, also heard Joe White the basketball teacher died, is this true? never got this confirmed

9th August '10, 01:26 PM
for my school b team had my back to goal outside the box. chested it onto my foot still in the air kicked over my head and over their left back then volleyed it top left corner before it hit the ground.

10th August '10, 12:23 PM
usually to busy getting violent at centre back to pay attention to what goes on up top. usually assist with a few nice clearances though. used to play centre forward back in the day but cant even remember many goals.. i remember in one of my first games for school though we kicked off and i just slowly jogged through the middle with it and no one was open. the keeper was like in the middle of his box shoutin like a nob and i dinked it over his head from about 20 yards :laugh: thats the only one that stands out in my head.

but thinkin about it i remember a few howlers.. went up for a corner the ball came in i chested it near enough on the goal line and vollyed it at the bar back out and it bounced off the keepers back and went in. i just walked away from it hoping no one would notice it was an own goal :laugh: