View Full Version : Audio (SoundCloud/Youtube/Other): Look what the cat dragged in

12th June '10, 02:35 PM
A couple grime artists have done a version of Giggs single 'Look what the cat dragged in'

There's actually a competition, i've also done a version and wanted to know if you could support me by voting for me or anyone you think deserves it.

Here's the link - http://sn1giggs.com/freestylecompetition/remix.php?id=42

12th June '10, 02:43 PM
Aint feeling it.

edit: listened to a few others to hear what the levels are saying and most of them are below average.

Mayfair Smooth
12th June '10, 03:38 PM
meh alright though i dont know the levels for road rap cause its shite

12th June '10, 03:43 PM
giggs is crap

12th June '10, 05:00 PM
its ite