View Full Version : Video: Gunna Dee Ft Black Gang - Black Gang

11th June '10, 08:48 PM

Rayful Edmond
11th June '10, 08:56 PM

11th June '10, 08:59 PM

Tunes fucked.

Tony Starks
11th June '10, 09:01 PM
Gunna went in>>>>

"Niggas wanna act hard, get touched with the pound like a scratc card" wheeled the tune 3 or 4 times in the whip when I first heard that

11th June '10, 09:02 PM
K.I kills this tune

11th June '10, 09:04 PM
Tunes sick but only gunna and y. size held it up

Tony Starks
11th June '10, 09:07 PM
Nah Ki went in aswell.

Rayful Edmond
11th June '10, 09:10 PM
lol, they all went in

11th June '10, 09:36 PM
loool been bangin this one hard earlier today thinking how it begs for a video

11th June '10, 09:59 PM
hmmmm......don't rate pecknarm rappers apart from giggs

11th June '10, 10:10 PM

Naruto Hatake
11th June '10, 10:11 PM
this is MY tune, ttkk.

EVERYONE went in, even young hef

Crawla III.
12th June '10, 07:20 AM
Young Hef done alot

12th June '10, 10:12 AM
this is fucked, tune and video is big

The Stig
12th June '10, 10:25 AM
Video is ite but yeh, tune is fucked

out there
12th June '10, 11:39 AM



all went in

12th June '10, 12:22 PM

I fink ki murked the most tbh.

out there
12th June '10, 12:30 PM
ki , young size + gunna murked most for me

12th June '10, 12:35 PM
Is it me or does the Video quality seem abit off ?

out there
12th June '10, 12:37 PM
Is it me or does the Video quality seem abit off ?

thats grimedaily for you

sb shoulda done it

12th June '10, 12:42 PM
thats grimedaily for you

sb shoulda done it

There an established media company in the music scene yet they cant afford a decent camera bet they charge fuck loads for that shit quality aswell

Yeah id have liked Sb to do it cos his videos are always on point

Genetically Genuine
12th June '10, 12:47 PM
Ki merked!

Naruto Hatake
12th June '10, 06:38 PM
Ki went in but sorry nobody went in harder den Gunna!

12th June '10, 06:54 PM
video has been removed


12th June '10, 07:55 PM
Nah Ki went in aswell.

His flow just annoys me on some tracks, that's why i aint rating him on this one

12th June '10, 08:43 PM
video was shit.
playing this song on cd>watching grimedailys bullshit.

critic of musical arts
13th June '10, 11:45 AM
Video removed

13th June '10, 11:57 AM
GrimeDaily should stick to Grime, crep checks and there shit backstage videos

80% of the people who watch there videos are posh white kids with long hair, thats why theres always hate for artists like Gunna

i went to watch the video but it wasn't loading, looked at the comments to see if anyone else was having the sae problem and it was full of hate comments smh

13th June '10, 03:16 PM

13th June '10, 05:15 PM
Haaaaaaaaard album

Where the vid gone, i never saw it

13th June '10, 06:33 PM
I don't think y.size went in...at all.
Video was okay and the tracks nice though.

14th June '10, 11:41 PM

Talented Individual
15th June '10, 01:36 AM
Ukoverstood should have filmed it

out there
15th June '10, 08:12 AM
that other video of gunna d been removed too

Rayful Edmond
25th June '10, 06:34 PM
Been banging this out ever since i saw the video.
Come to the conclusion Taz merked it the most please don't argue safe.

Where the fuck is the video aswell

Talented Individual
25th June '10, 06:39 PM
Naw young size muked it

Naruto Hatake
25th June '10, 07:05 PM
gunna went in the most for me n/h

then y.size

Rayful Edmond
18th July '10, 07:26 PM

12th August '10, 02:34 AM
what you man think of hustler by nature ???? i thought the whole thing was hard still

playing this loud in your whip is a madness


The Stig
12th August '10, 10:06 AM
Hustler By Nature was alot still