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Clive Eboue
7th June '10, 06:12 PM
I'm pretty new to the whole Road Rap scene. ITT can people recommend as many quality mixtapes as possible, also any free downloads or freestyles whatever to get me started.

Would be much appreciated nice one.

Clive Eboue
7th June '10, 09:33 PM
fanxs for all de hlp guize xx

7th June '10, 09:40 PM
Giggs - Ard bodied
Soka beats - Futuristic wave 1
Gunna dee - Hustler by nature
young teflon - Cod
young teflon - Grown man ting

are a few

7th June '10, 09:41 PM
i dont think there's any sort of rap that will be on your wave length/ you can 'relate' to lol.

nah seriosuly though... start of with these few they dont sound the same .
young teflon Call of duty
Fem fel vol 1 and vol2
joe grind grind muzik
dubz ardoe
youngsta and fix dotm fix of meth.
giggs walk in the park.

The Stig
7th June '10, 09:51 PM
Go download 'Strapzy - Blue Magic' It's free

7th June '10, 09:52 PM
bags and boxes

dont bother with Fem fel vol 1 and vol2 was so boring

8th June '10, 01:24 AM

Naruto Hatake
8th June '10, 01:56 AM
did i not help u smh

Clive Eboue
8th June '10, 02:39 AM
Safe people, Robinson stfu lol...

Kebab where's the help brah? :stunned:

Naruto Hatake
8th June '10, 02:52 AM

whats this then u cunt

8th June '10, 03:03 AM
Young Adz - Dope as it gets