View Full Version : Fresh New Freestyle. Feedback Appreciated...

5th June '10, 02:00 PM
Check it Out. Feedback would be appreciated.


Billionaire Playboy
6th June '10, 10:01 AM
Might be a good idea to put the Artist in the Thread title brah

Personally opinion

Ok firstly concerning yourself

The quality of the vid was top tier, respect for that, but the intro came off like an SBTV cat so you might want to make it a bit more original to stand out and earn carve yourself out an identity. No send brah just some advice.

I respect what you doing tho to get this UK rap shit strong we need more people out of London to represent and then rise up together, its not like all the talents in London far from it, but the people in places like Notts, Manc, Birmz need to make more of an effort to catch attention, its not right but thats just the way it is, but hopefully if you keep at it you can give people a platform to be heard from people outside of your city. Respect for that.

OK for the freestyle

Limzy was decent, he got good presence, delivery and flow, some of his lines were fucked (levitate bar) but he needs to come with some less generic bars, it felt like a lot of the bars were filler, he needs to work harder with the writing, remember the fact that his an MC out of London is going to (unfairly) work against him so he really need to shine with the lines, be more witty and he could become a force to be reckoned with, he got pretty much everything else going for him, again no send, just constructive criticism

Safe keep at it