View Full Version : What do you prefer

4th June '10, 02:36 PM
UK artists on uk made beats or us made beats. In terms of music rather than politics cause obviously uk beats are a good look.

Personally i prefer US ones. Main reason why most of the tracks from around 'ard bodied' times are better than half of the tracks coming out.

4th June '10, 02:46 PM
Depends on the beat really, british man are makin beats on level with americans though.

4th June '10, 05:46 PM
A bit of both, depends on the producer and the sort of beat

i ain't feeling Youngsta on Steel Banglez Dubstep style beats, he is more suited to slow US Rap beats, i ain't heard him vocal many of them but if he did, it would sound good

most rapper's did start off vocalling US shit but now the UK producers are doing it so its mainly there beats these days