View Full Version : Brutal - Welcome to the Strip

29th May '10, 08:19 PM
Any good?

29th May '10, 08:41 PM
Its alright

It's that really slow grime that i personally find annoying. There is one track though on there which is overly sick and has been getting the wheel ups from me.

Think it's entitled Deep 1 or something. Features Rival >>>

Tony Starks
29th May '10, 08:43 PM
I thought it was road rap and not grime?

Keep on saying il get this and forget when im on my laptop

critic of musical arts
30th May '10, 09:59 PM
It's not got one grime tune on. So Prawn is gassed tbh.

8th June '10, 04:21 AM
finally got round to listenin properly to this, started off and ended good, too many fillers though and the american beats was not me after a while, we rep the UK fam.

I rate Brutal though, hes sick.

8th June '10, 09:34 AM
Very poor

8th June '10, 01:04 PM
About 4 good tracks, the rest i havent listened to after the first play

8th June '10, 01:18 PM
- Which way
- Who Am I
- I aint got a girlfriend
- Where Im From
- All we know
- Raw
- Deep
- Where Am I
- Fear

are the tunes that im ripping to CD.

8th June '10, 01:35 PM
- Where Im From
- All we know


8th June '10, 03:26 PM
about 3-4 good tracks.

8th June '10, 04:59 PM
think this cd was sick still