View Full Version : Video: Switch & Wezzy Rap Bars (Reading)

25th May '10, 01:02 AM
Was looking for somewhere to throw this up but dint wanna get rinsed by the grime mandem lol.

I posted some grime Switch did in the Grime section but this is a little rap freestyle with one of his boys Wezzy.

Personally I think hes hard some of the metaphors and his wordplay is disgusting, see if you can catch any of them. But thats me though obviously Id be biased because hes one of my guys and lives in my area, seeing what you lot actually reckon, any feedback appreciated.

Video was done by me, I'll probs be upping more stuff tryna promote Reading because some of the guys down here are actually doing dis ting.

critic of musical arts
25th May '10, 01:31 AM
Both went in

25th May '10, 02:07 AM
both were hard

i see what your sayin, i always had some issue with people from outside london doing grime since i first got into it, bare stupid i know.

but i don't have this issue with rap at all, think it could be an opportunity for the uk to actually start makin music together. i think its cos i started out listenin to UK Hip-Hop and most of them man were from up north still.