View Full Version : Cowabunga has been cancelled

24th May '10, 02:34 PM
But the tracks that were already recorded for it will be leaked

Also youngsta is working on a mixtape with Cash which he has started recording and has started recording for Crystal Meth 2 but no dates on either

24th May '10, 02:39 PM
where'd you hear it from g?

and any reason why?

24th May '10, 02:46 PM
Says it on his facebook.

Nicky Santoro
24th May '10, 03:28 PM
ahhh ffs

Tony Starks
24th May '10, 05:17 PM

24th May '10, 05:47 PM
Just seen Best of Meth out June aswell , hopefully that will have the tracks that were alreasy done for cowabunga

Nicky Santoro
24th May '10, 06:27 PM
wonder if all is not well between dubs n youngs

24th May '10, 06:49 PM
wonder if all is not well between dubs n youngs

was thinking this aswell , he wont say why either

out there
24th May '10, 07:16 PM
swear down

im try find out the reasons for this

thats pissed

fuk off
24th May '10, 09:04 PM
Fuckin pissed I was fiendin for this. Crystal Meth 2 better drop soon

13th January '11, 02:55 PM

Check it...

13th January '11, 02:59 PM
Planning to give out unreleased tracks is not a leak

13th January '11, 08:20 PM
Boy this would have been a classic