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Nicky Santoro
20th May '10, 06:07 PM
Sn1 been doing this ting from early, looking forward to let em have it. What is your favourite giggs release. Any other sn1 videos /discussion in here

20th May '10, 06:27 PM
This has been a banger from time




out there
20th May '10, 07:27 PM

even tho it aint sn1

this tune>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

20th May '10, 07:35 PM


could be here all fuckin day posting SN1 bangers....


20th May '10, 07:35 PM
Pull up dat bumbclart my yout.

That tracks gotta be a top 3 giggs tune.

20th May '10, 08:35 PM

Nicky Santoro
23rd May '10, 02:01 AM
been bumping hustler by nature its a good cd

Nicky Santoro
23rd May '10, 02:41 AM
Everytime i see my phone flash,
that equals more cash, that equals more splashing for 010
money from 09............................. I leave a nigga jumping,
make him look, like he rolls with fleas
the 4.5 will make you freeze, like frozen peas

i used to kick cans and chase birds and the street
now i kick back and the birds chase me
i used to spend days on super nintendo
now im like spend, wen-i-spend-doe

girls look at me like im a diamond, like im shining,
its either that, or they're raasclart jealous
and when i say girls, i mean these raasclart breddas

the hustles in my genes, from giggs to young giggs, from joe grind to spend
we all hate these dumb pigs, but i love a dumb judge
cos 06, my case got dropped, for a gun charge
left with a smile, smiling for days, like....... Why pay for crime if it pays

on da grind to my time, u was crying for love
but babes u aint crying when im buying you stuff
i understand u just wanted more time
but this time is for money, it aint all mine
its bad not to give you time, but i was never bad
cause, u wanted time, that i never had
it aint possible to do the impossible
you aint got no patience(patients) like a broken down hospital
the time that i had, i tried to make u glad
but u was never satisfied so you cried yourself mad
and i aint tryna feel bad, the fact that i tried
is why i feel mad

if i come back with a bang, i'll bang at your back
black bandana gang, my bandana's black
so wen its time to rep my hood, im repping mine
i'll blow your head, out ur hood, when its repping time

i'll come with the gym bag, like i come for gym
but i aint come to pump weights, thats that pumpy ting
i'll jump out, with the pump out, and dump on him....................
These niggas wanna act hard?
Get touched with the pound, like a scratchcard
i trey pound seven have these clowns, call mr. Motivator, i can take away them pounds

I'm on that hard grind
Cause it's giving me G's
I ain't easypeezy
But it's easy P's

Real soldiers are made for war
That's why we make wars
I ain't tryna take my time
I'd rather take yours

I'm on the road shotting 8 balls
your gonna know how the 38 feels
when I slap one in your wig
I'm needy
I need to be greedy
If need be I'll slap one in a pig

I'll be selling light
I can sell you light like a fat chick

Barack O'gunna

I move 'caine in a hurry
Call it the hurricane

23rd May '10, 04:37 AM

YTU13 Better than Sn1

typ ein ytu13 vs sn1

YTU13 are way better!

Nicky Santoro
23rd May '10, 04:45 AM

YTU13 Better than Sn1

typ ein ytu13 vs sn1

YTU13 are way better!

smh gtfo you idiot