View Full Version : Best Player in League One?

13th March '10, 09:32 PM
Take your pick from the Southampton squad lol

13th March '10, 09:34 PM
Did you beat Leeds??

13th March '10, 09:36 PM
Neil Harris :-D

Good result today for you lot. Do you still think you can nick a play-off place, or is it too far off now?

League One is more entertaining than the Championship this year in my opinion, probably because of the amount of London/South-East teams

'nuum general
13th March '10, 09:39 PM
you beat the white shite so good on you. I would lol if they end up in the playoffs again and lose

13th March '10, 09:44 PM
It's more than possible the way Leeds have been carrying on recently.

Norwich are looking too strong and should win the league if they continue the way they're going

14th March '10, 12:45 AM
I'd love to think we could make the playoffs but it would mean winning nearly all of our remaining games. If we didnt have -10 pts I'd bet my house on it. We have the best team in the league its just a case of consistency.

P.S Yeah League 1 is much more fun than the Championship, I love it and so did Leicester fans last year.