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Mazer Rackham
6th July '09, 10:04 PM
this was lifted from a football forum obviously

apparently a journalist called alan nixon who works for the mirror was on a blackburn messageboard and said something like this

"Might be a very big story hitting football world later in the week. But I can't say just yet."


"I can't say what the tale is but it is a very interesting one...I would love to go into some detail but there are people who keep an eye on titbits and can let you down. I can't write it just now because I've been sworn to secrecy on this for the moment.

There could be an announcement on this on Tuesday - but it is relating to something that happened just over a month ago.

It will be the first time this has happened and it will be interesting to see how football handles it.

Hoping to be able to write this but it is a very hard one to touch until it goes 'official.'

Rest assured it doesn't affect your club but it will cause an awful lot of talk...and raise some serious questions."


"I won't go into the whole thing as it's not my place to say, but basically OASAAS has a contact high up who says that 'allegedly' 4 players will be in big big big **** with the FA and police soon due to 'allegedly' match fixing for the first goal scored during a very prestigeous game in May, I won't name names but I can certainly say I was happy to see at least one of them mentioned!

Apparently the talk is of 4 year bans.

Again nothing to do with me just passing on OASAAS' info.

He says he won't name names but has privately revealed that two of the players are Louis Saha and John Terry.

we can only hope.

its all over this goal apprantely

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im fucking praying this is true, and terry goes to jail
even though its probably not

6th July '09, 10:11 PM

Mazer Rackham
6th July '09, 10:23 PM
its in the 1st post, a sports journalist for a paper. he could be talking air, i hope he isnt

6th July '09, 10:30 PM

Lol if true, Saha will get a ban and Terry will get like 1 year or less because he's English and the England captain and would never do anything like that:dozey:


6th July '09, 11:18 PM
yeah heard about this. i've got a mate who supports blackburn and apparently the guy who posted this has been right on loads of other stuff so could be something in it...

out there
6th July '09, 11:26 PM
what so that goal scored by saha was set up?

lol call me dumb i dont get whats going on

6th July '09, 11:27 PM
what so that goal scored bu saha was set up?

lol call me dumb i dont get whats going on

if it's true it would be a betting scam i.e Saha to score first in under 5 minutes or whatever.

6th July '09, 11:44 PM
And good old John Terry loves a fucking bet

Xtra P
7th July '09, 12:10 AM

Genetically Genuine
7th July '09, 12:14 AM

My heart wishes it were true but my brain co-signs with this

7th July '09, 12:58 AM
OASAAS? Dyslexic Oasis?

Xtra P
7th July '09, 12:59 AM
I would luv it if it we're true


Nine Bar
7th July '09, 01:14 AM
may aswell post now im here


Mazer Rackham
7th July '09, 02:22 AM
if im right, they way this thread will take off >>>>>>>>>>

7th July '09, 02:25 AM
this will turn into a madness if its true

7th July '09, 05:43 AM
I would luv it if it we're true


...... LoooooooooooL .... :laugh:

Keyser Söze
7th July '09, 08:58 AM
This is air tbh

7th July '09, 09:48 AM
haha would be sick if it was true...

so we should hear more about it today then?

7th July '09, 10:46 AM
Lol if it was Kenny failing that drugs test

7th July '09, 11:05 AM
Oh and just seen this from another site

"Basically our great ******* ******* and several of his team mates, and a couple of ******* players are going to be on an FA charge of match fixing. This is massive because it relates to the FA Cup final. People acting on behalf of the players had a massive punt on the first goal being scored by Everton in the first minute at huge odds. The numbers being mentioned are into the £100m's and were cleverly spread into multiple smaller bets over dozens of bookies worldwide."

First stars = England Captain?
Second Stars = Chelsea?

7th July '09, 11:27 AM
Could easily see Terry being involved as he clearly loves a dabble.

Press could just be digging dirt though...

7th July '09, 12:11 PM
HA! It was about Kenny! From that Nixon guy on his Blackburn forum this morning

The biggie is out. I thought the football-related issues here were even bigger...like where does it leave the play-offs etc. But that's just me. Imagine if they had been promoted? Ouch.

I don't think a player has been banned like this before after this level of game. It certainly shocked me when I heard.


7th July '09, 01:57 PM
Well that was an anticlimax haha...