View Full Version : Football Programmes

18th April '09, 01:29 AM
Is there a market for these?
I was just looking through a bag I got given when I was like 8
And there's programmes from the 1950/60/70/80/90's
Loads of Cup Final ones too e.g. Arsenal Vs Liverpool 1950/1

18th April '09, 01:37 AM
eBay people will be interested probably best to find a dedicated website/forum people will pay a lot of money for old programmes

18th April '09, 01:39 AM
Some crazy ones in here... i just threw it up in the loft...
the fa cup final 1971 when arsenal done liverpool
old ticket stubs the lot

18th April '09, 01:46 AM
You'd probably get quite a bit for the final ones, i'm sure. People go mad over this shit though, the programmes we get now are swag 'llow people in the future collecting our programs, what they gonna read the fanzine or w/e lool.