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9th February '09, 01:46 PM

Gareth Southgate is remaining focused on the task in hand after revealing Middlesbrough are currently 85million in debt.

Boro are struggling in the Premier League, with the club second from bottom in the table and without a win since November.

Southgate has received a strong backing from chairman Steve Gibson since he took over in 2006, and the Boro chief is refusing to buckle under the growing pressure surrounding his position.

He said in The Sun: "I'm thinking about getting our team out and getting the right level of performance from them like we did here [Saturday at Manchester City].

"I have a very good relationship with the chairman. Everything about the club is discussed.

"We have a debt of 85million. We know the resources we have and we know the parameters and that makes life difficult.

"We are in a different position now to the last eight or nine years. The chairman knows what he will get from me and that is every hour towards keeping this football club in the Premier League."

They go down they're fucked, they hardly get in crowds that will fill up half the stadium if they were to get relegated they will have a few thousand fans, i'm sure Leeds get a higher attendence in LEAGUE 1 than Boro

Tony Starks
9th February '09, 02:03 PM
Theyve got my sympathy. Theres worse teams in the league tbh.

9th February '09, 02:21 PM
they've started preparing early (not spending big)

9th February '09, 02:54 PM
nick are u going to get the grime forum when hij dies?

9th February '09, 03:28 PM
always liked boro for some reason.

good chairman who puts his own money in the club, very good youth setup, they just seem to have shit overseas scouts and spend money on crap players.

but since schwarzer left they have plummeted.

11th February '09, 03:11 AM
sum of them middle teams need 2 get relegated

change it up a bit