View Full Version : betting mandem; does anyone want a risk free 100

6th February '09, 09:45 PM
read this offer here


if you are 18 (they credit check you) and know what you are doing, get involved as it is a risk free way to make 100

also check out


i started last wednesday and have already made myself 250 for no risk....my mate has done all of the bookies on the list in a 6 month period and made 2000

basically this is a good way to get someone else to do a load of maths and you end up getting bare money

ps: im not to blame if you are a retard, get high and put the wrong bets on

6th February '09, 11:02 PM

'nuum general
7th February '09, 12:08 AM
its long signing up to all the accounts. Spread betting is good if you do your research & set up spreadsheets. Some decent side earings to be made

7th February '09, 12:48 PM
its long signing up to all the accounts.


even so, id reccomend the spread betting and the boyle sports offers. i'm now 200 up on boylesports and due another free 50 bet tomorrow. and i'm due a free 100 from sporting index.

300 + a free 50 bet (which ill prob turn into 40ish) isnt bad for a few hours work