View Full Version : BJ Penn is getting fucking battered.

Mister Lacey
1st February '09, 06:37 AM
GSP looks fucking great in this fight but if he wins and fights Silva he will get boyed.

1st February '09, 07:10 PM
Ah fuck forgot to stay up

Danny Trejo
1st February '09, 07:38 PM
GSP fucked him up. Lacklustre show though

Mister Lacey
1st February '09, 07:48 PM
Penn hyped so much I wish there was more fighting it was pretty much Penn on the ground for the 4 rounds. Pissed that Silva won't be his next match

1st February '09, 09:48 PM
Penn did well too stuff the takedowns in round one, his gass tank went somewere in round 2 and then GSP took him down and dominated with his wrestling.

Anyone see the fight before that one, Machida will be the next lhw champ

Mister Lacey
1st February '09, 09:50 PM
^^^ he looked sick knocked the other dude clean out.

1st February '09, 10:27 PM
wanted to see penn win or atleast do better then he did, was pissed, the fight was boring, was just GSP wrestling but then again Bj Penn looked out of it before the match begun and there are speculations and complaints that GSP and his team cheated by rubbing vaseline over his back, face and shoulders (http://i44.tinypic.com/2qk8gae.gif) and from what I've seen of Bj Penn ive need seen his legs slip on his high guard as much as the ydid in this fight.