View Full Version : What ever happened to...

Xtra P
19th November '08, 09:00 AM
Kieren Dyer?
The guy has vanished from the face of the earth!

Sir Kippington
19th November '08, 09:56 AM
He needs to throw his shins in the bin..He has had shin splints for years...
He should have done track and field instead.

Keyser Söze
19th November '08, 10:33 AM
He got injured AGAIN in August in pre season, guy should just give up.

19th November '08, 10:56 AM
injured till 2012

Xtra P
19th November '08, 11:02 AM
injured till 2012


Nine Bar
19th November '08, 12:39 PM
I feel sorry for him he was a good player, but when he didnt no his proper position he fell of, then all the injuries.

Lol Villa park - Villa v Newcastle, Bowyer plays a shit ball to Dyer, Dyer screws, Bowyer gives him a right hook, hilarious.

Xtra P
19th November '08, 01:15 PM
That punch may have ended his career lol

19th November '08, 06:18 PM
He has the best job in the world. He collects £70,000 a week for fuck all. If he comes back for one game, plays ok, watch the hype that he should play for England.