View Full Version : Newcastle United - Laughing Stock Part 4

3rd October '08, 01:14 AM
Part 1: Keegan getting hired and sacked within 8 months
Part 2: Ashley selling to Nigerians
Part 3: Hiring Joe Kinnear
Part 4: This Interview - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/leagues/premierleague/newcastle/3124831/Joe-Kinnear-press-conference-transcript-Football.html

Pristine Condition
3rd October '08, 01:48 AM
JK >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ____

I didn't read all of it, but the stuff, i did. I lol'ed

Sir Kippington
3rd October '08, 10:08 AM
Having none of it.lol

3rd October '08, 12:23 PM
straight talking hard bastard

3rd October '08, 01:33 PM
Fuck it, who gives a shit if he swore.

20 years back when football was a working class game no-one would have batted an eyelid.

Fucking fairplay to him, hope he gets 3 points this weekend and shove his middle finger up at the media wankers.

Xtra P
3rd October '08, 01:35 PM

4th October '08, 05:23 PM

Kinnears a fucking joke, i swear his main task is to stablise the ship at newcastle, so reacting like this just attracts more harmful attention, if he aint man enough to deal with the usual media bullshit he's a bigger joke thn eveyone though

6th October '08, 01:31 AM
Funny cunt JK. I hope he gets the Toon out the shit.