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27th September '08, 04:35 PM
If Referees were dogs, he'd be taken outside and shot the fucking cretin.

Liverpool vs Chelsea - Malouda falls over. No contact. Edge of the box - penalty. Styles is a cunt.

Manchester United vs Bolton - Bolton player clearly plays the ball, infact if you can't see him play the ball, you need your eyes testing to be frank. Ridiculous penalty, surely 3 points for United now and Styles is a cunt.

'Respect', with decisions like that? Fuck off.

27th September '08, 05:14 PM
Didnt he fuck up with City Vs Bham this season too?

27th September '08, 05:57 PM
Yeah absolute shite ref, no idea how he still reffing in the Prem.

Check this:


From last season, their player shouldnt have got a red and they should never have got a penalty! Says a lot when all four sides of the ground are singing 'You're not fit to referee'


Eric Cantona
27th September '08, 06:52 PM
Haha i was at the game, still haven't seen the replay yet.

Rooney's second goal was class, Bolton's fans a were shite

28th September '08, 03:28 PM
Styles is a pile of dog shit, all these referees think they some fuckin pre-madonna like Mike Riley, what a fuckin joke, he is deffo one of the worst reffs. i have ever seen he comes like a granny with how he gives out cards for nuttin

Eric Cantona
28th September '08, 05:15 PM
He needs sacking asap

28th September '08, 06:32 PM
He needs sacking asap


28th September '08, 06:38 PM
i feel sorry for him. riley and bennett need to go as well

28th September '08, 07:27 PM
But it was the fact he was so close to the decision that made it all the more awful.

It was a sunday league decision. Its probably the only penalty decision for a while where everyone is in agreement that it weren't a pen.

30th September '08, 12:28 AM
the PL should sack a referee next time they make a major fuck up just to show that there not taking no more shit and then the Refs might do there job properly.