View Full Version : Video: Starboy Nathan Talks Big Narstie's Diss, Reveals Collabs w/ Fekky, Cash, Skepta

1st November '12, 11:20 PM

We caught up with Starboy Nathan and his mum. They talked to us about Nathan's experience on X-Factor; why he went on it, the feedback he's received including Big Narstie's comments, his favourite judges and whether he thinks it's fixed or not.

The discussion then moved on to his upcoming music, he spoke about his upcoming collaborations with UK rappers Fekky, Skepta, Chip, Cashtastic, Mz Bratt & more. We also got him and mum talking about who they think would make a good black James Bond.

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2nd November '12, 10:23 PM
his mum loooooooooooooooooooool :laugh:

nigga got kicked off X Factor like come on son.

Justin Credible
3rd November '12, 07:56 PM
his mum is jokes but still
he sounds positive trying to make it independently