View Full Version : Chuck Lidell / Rashad Evans from last night (spoliers)

Danny Trejo
7th September '08, 11:05 AM

Bit of a mad fight this one.

1st round is shit mind.

7th September '08, 11:17 AM
Gonna post a stream link later

7th September '08, 11:18 AM
What the fuck!!! I thought it was tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Danny Trejo
7th September '08, 11:27 AM
Nah, PPVs are live on Setanta on Saturday nights.

7th September '08, 11:35 AM
wow Chuck is done, the old Ice Man would've killed him,

Trust Rashad can't do that to Rampage.............NEVER!!!! lol

Danny Trejo
7th September '08, 11:37 AM
Definitely not.
Evans Griffin next.

Nine Bar
7th September '08, 12:33 PM
yeh some 1 punch ko thing man

7th September '08, 03:57 PM
Woah. Lucky punch more than anything, Rashad was lookin shook.

But that punch wud kill most man.

7th September '08, 03:59 PM
Chucks been past it since losing to Rampage.

7th September '08, 04:43 PM


Leng Man Louie
7th September '08, 05:02 PM
his jaw is weak man, obv that would knock most man flat but as a ufc fighter he should be able to take/dodge that shit. same thing happened to him with rampage jackson

Nine Bar
7th September '08, 05:25 PM
Chucks been past it since losing to Rampage.


7th September '08, 09:26 PM
Chuck doesn't do very well against strikers. He has a wierd style, his hands were too low and it was inevitable he would get caught. He built his rep fighting grapplers and having a good sprawl and he normally doesn't do very well against a guy with heavy hands.

7th September '08, 09:33 PM
The UFC is starting to really suck. Boring fighters and no really big names. DREAM is far superior.

Danny Trejo
8th September '08, 12:23 AM
is DREAM japanese?

8th September '08, 12:26 AM
is DREAM japanese?
yeah, would not say its better then UFC though.

Danny Trejo
8th September '08, 12:47 AM
Pride used to be good, as were a couple of Inoki's shows but I think MMA's time in Japan has gone really. UFC got the monopoly.

8th September '08, 12:35 PM
I can't watch UFC because of the rules. They stand up fighters too quick, they use a cage which I find more boring than a ring and which discourages striking, and they don't allow knees on the floor, which makes the ground game more exciting. They also have less mental match-ups which are dangerous but highly entertaining.

Every fight in Dream 5 was pretty entertaining, they had fireworks and it was great.

14th September '08, 01:07 PM
DREAM is super. see Alvarez v Hansen from DREAM 2 or 3 (can't remember). better than 9/10 UFC fights. WEC is always great too.

I think Liddell just simply got caught, Rashad looked like a grownass windmill in the cage.