View Full Version : Official Challenge Cup Final Thread

'nuum general
28th August '08, 07:49 PM
Hull FC vs St Helens

Saturday, 2.30 ko

Can't see us doing it but it would be nice

'nuum general
29th August '08, 11:29 PM
someone on here must have a passive liking for rugby league?

29th August '08, 11:34 PM
TBH, I follow rugby league very loosely.

But Saints are the favourites and I cant see Hull beating them. Although Hull being the underdogs can pull out the stocks.

But Sean Long >>>>>>>>_____

29th August '08, 11:46 PM
i'm a massive rugby league fan....rhinos all the way, i hope hull win...and a lot of saints players get injured, but i think saints by at least 12 points...

Eric Cantona
29th August '08, 11:48 PM
I know a guy playing for Leeds still....

'nuum general
29th August '08, 11:51 PM
we'll probably lose, saints are big favourites. Tbh hull have had a poor season, rovers have been ahead of them almost all season

29th August '08, 11:58 PM
I know a guy playing for Leeds still....