View Full Version : PS3 PS3 being a prick.

Mister Lacey
24th August '08, 09:02 PM
Well maybe it's my wireless router but I've been trying to get online for ages now man and still nada, and then when I hooked an ethernet directly the connection kept timing out.

25th August '08, 01:52 AM

Quality Control
25th August '08, 01:59 AM
dont buy your PS3 from wembley market next time

it's just a shiny black box filled with scrunched up Latvian newspapers and PS3 scribbled on the side with tipex for god's sake!

25th August '08, 02:16 AM
delete system 32......... oh wait.

25th August '08, 07:45 AM
My mate had the same problem I think.

Bizzy Bone
25th August '08, 11:38 AM

25th August '08, 12:20 PM
Any way to put members on a ignore list? Had enough of bizzy, only the second post i've read from him.