View Full Version : S west ft frass "am on fire" ***hard**

Shower Posse
5th April '12, 06:58 PM

Its roadside year this year when R.A comes backs as well later on in the year



Frass's Choruses >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

5th April '12, 07:14 PM
i rate s west so high sick rapper

Shower Posse
5th April '12, 07:19 PM
Trust me

RS dont even have a weak link in their posse

Even Dan diggers has upped the levels

6th April '12, 11:07 AM
Even Dan diggers has upped the levels

dan diggerz has been a top grime spitter for years. elmz fell off and frass is pretty weak using autotune is not what i wanna hear in rsgz music.

s.west is like a shit version of tempman

Shower Posse
6th April '12, 12:10 PM
Diggerz<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<D.E.N<<<<<<<<<<<<<<S West<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Elmz